Anilogue 2023: Ars Electronica

animation short film selection, 50 min, 2023
in original language with Engilish subtitles

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We do not recommend watching the program for people under the age of 18.

Free screening

Anxious Body / Nyugtalan test
rendező/director: Yoriko MIZUSHIRI / 05:49 / 2021 / JP
Living things, artificial things, geometry shapes, and lines. When these different things collide, a new direction is born.

Tartarus/ Tartarosz

rendező/director: Mariano FERNÁNDEZ RUSSO / 02:38 / 2022 / AR
The deity Tartarus. The force of conquest and destruction. Whatever they want, it will be taken. Because Tartarus sees themselves as the owner of everything, as they despise everything. Their servants—Titans—are to impose this deity’s limitless will, with no guilt or shame. Without challenging it. It has been like this era after era, since the beginning of time. Until now, when primordial tears announce the end of the Eternal.

Radicalization Pipeline / Úton a radikalizálódás felé
rendező/director: Theoklitos TRIANTAFYLLIDIS / 03:09 / 2021 / GR
Two seemingly endless hordes clash into a violent free-for-all, swinging large melee weapons and shouting with distorted voices.

The Crow / A varjú
rendező/director: Glenn MARSHALL / 03:00 / 2022 / UK
In this animation, artificial intelligence is used to transform a dancer into a crow. The result is a haunting and compelling piece that follows the crow through its brief dance in a landscape of post-apocalyptic barrenness, to its inevitable demise.

Very, Very Tremendously / Nagyon, nagyon félelmetesen
rendező/director: Guangli LIU / 12:12 / 2021 / FR
Drawing on the threads of Virtual Currency and Digital Junk, Very, Very, Tremendously seeks to discuss how the acts of production and consumption from the virtual world interact systematically with reality, whilst it also mirrors how the ‘two realities’ coexist in geopolitical conflicts.

When Fox and Rabbit Say Goodnight / A semmi közepén
rendező/director: Finn STEVENHAGEN / 20:29 / 2021 / NL
The film appropriates the hollow animation aesthetic of early 2000s' video games to explore the themes of neglect and grief.

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Most vagy soha! (12)

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Bolero (12)

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Smoke Sauna Sisterhood (16)

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Les Indésirables (16)

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Bonnard: Pierre & Marthe (16)

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All About the Levkoviches (12)

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Origin (12)

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Pelikan Blue (16)

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Italian Journey: Last Night of Amore

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The Zone of Interest (16)

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Perfect Days (12)

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