Dream Theater Live at Luna Park 2013

HD concert film, recorded live, 160 min, 2013

Show times:

Director: Mike Leonard

LIVE FROM LUNA PARK - starring the one-of-a-kind progressive rock band DREAM THEATER - is a concert film not to be missed. This anticipated cinematic event was captured over two nights during the final leg of the band’s 15 - month “A Dramatic Turn Of Events” world tour, which hit 35 countries. DREAM THEATER: LIVE AT LUNA PARK was filmed in Buenos Aries, Argentina – home to one of Dream Theater’s most ardent fan-bases. The film contains the 160-minute main show and features many of Dream Theater’s classic tracks, including, “Metropolis Pt. 1,” “The Silent Man,” “Pull Me Under,” “The Root Of All Evil,” “The Test That Stumped Them All,” “The Spirit Carries On,” and the recent track “On The Backs Of Angels."

Ticket price: 2500 HUF

Tickets are available at the Cassa of the Urania National Filmtheater (open every day 11:00-20:30, Credit Cards are accepted) and in the Ticket Sale System of Jegymester (available in English too at www.jegymester.hu )


    "Bridges in the Sky"
    "The Dark Eternal Night"
    "This Is the Life"
    "The Root of All Evil"
    "Lost Not Forgotten"
    "Drum Solo"
    "A Fortune in Lies"
    "The Silent Man"
    "Beneath the Surface"
    "Piano Solo"
    "On the Backs of Angels"
    "War Inside My Head"
    "The Test That Stumped Them All"
    "Guitar Solo"
    "The Spirit Carries On"
    "Breaking All Illusions"
    "Metropolis Pt. 1"

Premier: 2014.02.14.
Track list

01. Bridges In The Sky
02. 6:00
03. The Dark Eternal Night
04. This Is The Life
05. The Root Of All Evil
06. Lost Not Forgotten
07. Drum Solo
08. A Fortune In Lies
09. The Silent Man
10. Beneath The Surface
11. Outcry
12. Piano Solo
13. Surrounded
14. On The Backs Of Angels
15. War Inside My Head
16. The Test That Stumped Them All
17. Guitar Solo
18. The Spirit Carries On
19. Breaking All Illusions
20. Metropolis Pt. 1

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