Henry IV by William Shakespeare, Part 2

Theatre performance from the Shakespeare's Globe, London, 180 min, 2010
in English, with Hungarian subtitles

Show times:

Director: Dominic Dromgoole

Cast: Roger Allam, Jamie Parker, Oliver Cotton, William Gaunt, Sam Crane, Christopher Godwin

Knockabout gives way to melancholy as Hal begins his journey towards kingship in Part 2 of the Bard's masterpiece, recorded during the 2010 'Kings and Rogues' season at Shakespeare's Globe, The mounting rebellion and concerns about his son, Hal (Jamie Parker), are hastening King Henry IV (Oliver Cotton) towards his deathbed. Having resolved to change his ways in preparation for his eventual ascension, Hal now begins to spend less time with his old friends. The aging rogue Falstaff (Roger Allam, in an Olivier Award-winning performance) is also forced out of the taverns to raise a scratch militia. But will his attachment to the rising Hal lead to the reward he feels he so richly deserves? Part 2 boasts many of the most memorable moments in all of Shakespeare's work, including the king's deathbed scene, when Hal contemplates the crown; the reunion of Falstaff with his old boon companion, Justice Shallow (William Gaunt); and Hal's ultimate, devastating rejection of Falstaff himself.

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Tickets are available at the Cassa of the Urania National Filmtheater (open every day 11:00-20:30, Credit Cards are accepted) and in the Ticket Sale System of Jegymester (available in English too)


Premier: 2015.02.20.

Distributor: Pannonia Entertainment

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