Tchaikovsky: The Nutcracker (Royal Ballet)

Ballet performance of the Royal Ballet (recorded), 120 min, 2013

Show times:

Director: Peter Wright

Music: Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Coreographer: Peter Wright after Lev Ivanov

Conductor: Tom Seligman

Designs: Julia Trevelyan Oman

From the very first notes of Tchaikovsky’s overture to The Nutcracker, a sense of mystery
and magic pervades the theatre as Herr Drosselmeyer sets in train the events that will see
his beloved nephew, Hans Peter, freed from the enchantment of the evil Mouse King by
the resourceful Clara.
The Nutcracker unfolds over two glorious acts. For Act I it is Christmas Eve and we are
brought to a party at which Drosselmeyer gives young Clara a nutcracker doll – beginning
a night that includes a magically growing Christmas tree, a midnight battle of toy soldiers
at which the Nutcracker defeats the villainous Mouse King and his army of mice, and a
headlong pas de deux in which Clara and Hans Peter meet and celebrate their triumph
before being enveloped in a magical snowstorm. Act II whisks the young pair off to the
Kingdom of Sweets, where they are entertained by the Sugar Plum Fairy with her
handsome Prince and her glittering court in a series of dazzling dances. Peter Wright’s
classic production, first seen at Covent Garden in 1984, is an essential part of Christmas for
audiences of all ages.

Premier: 2013.12.26.
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