Cinema Niche EXTRA: Dating with Hong Sang-soo

On 25th of June

25 june 2023 18:00 - 22:00

Location: Díszterem

Cinema Niche presents a special edition before the summer holidays. Viewers can meet South Korean festival favorite Hong Sang-soo in the first Cinema Niche EXTRA. The two roughly 80-minute films will be shown one after the other, with a short break.

The standard ticket price for the screenings is HUF 2,500

Anyone who buys a ticket for both performances of the program at the same time is a season ticket holder. The price of the pass is HUF 3,500.
This discount also applies to online ticket purchases.

18:00 The Day He Arrives
South Korean comedy, 79 min, 2011
in original language with Hungarian and English subtitules

19:30 Between the screenings, Teréz Vincze, professor of the Department of Film Studies at ELTE, will give a lecture about the director.

20:00 The Woman Who Ran
South Korean comedy, 77 min, 2020
in original language with Hungarian and English subtitules

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