Anilogue 2018 - Candide | PREMIER

Animation, Action, Adventure | Hungary, 94 min, 2018
in Hungarian with English subtitles

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Director: Kreif Zsuzsanna, Turai Balázs, Bera Nándor

Writter: Turai Balázs, Bera Nándor
Produced by: Iványi-Bitter Brigitta, Rubesch Dávid, Fehér Károly

We believe that adapting Voltaire's Candide (originally published in 1759) in a free way entirely based on contemporary references, is a revolutionary mission. Not only because it is a rare take on animation as a genre, but also because - in a much entertaining way - it is a critical interpretation of the challenges imposed on core democratic values. This is a series that isn't just a visual gag or a wonderfully cheap laugh, but it also looks some very hard realities of life straight in the eye. We are convinced that there is a need among the audience to watch culturally rich, thoughtful unique animation shows, which reflect on our current situation in a satirical tone. Imagine Candide as the new show completely aware of The Amazing World of Gumball, as well as South Park, Rick and Morty or Bojack Horseman, yet with a distinguished graphic design, and characters partly 18th century partly 21st century style. Candide is a non-conventional show, it works with witty, critical thinking ...

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