Anilogue 2023: Children's films competition for 10+

animation short film selection, 55 min, 2023
in original language with Hungarian subtitles

Show times:


Recommended for ages 10 and up

Among other things, the collection of short films for teenagers reveals that friendships are sometimes put to the test by life, that keeping cows in an apartment comes with unforeseen complications, and that there are rebels everywhere, whether it is a fairy-tale castle or a community of light bulbs.

Aaaah! / Áááá!
Osman CERFON / 0:04:44 / 2022 / FR
Aaaah! is a cry of pain, surprise, fear, joy, songs, grumbling, laughter, anger… Aaaah! is the expression with which children, these primary and innocent beings, experience life in a community, framed by the whistles of adults.

Try Hard / Ne add fel
Yuha CHO, Hugo LEMONNIER, Brian LIM, Audrey Chevrolle, Yuxi ZHOU / 0:08:40 / 2023 / FR
Alex, an art student, dreams of joining Eve, the Elite’s visual school. Together with her best friend Kimmy, they train hard to pass the notoriously impossible entrance exam. Alex’s training turns into an obsession, compromising her friendship with Kimmy.

Last Summer / Last Summer / Az utolsó nyár
Nicola BERNARDI, Alessandra DE STEFANO, Gabriela LEWANDOWSKA, Chloé VAN BECELAERE, Camille VAN DELFT, Elodie XIA / 0:05:04 / 2022 / FR
As summer ends, Ren’s bandmates and childhood friends are leaving for college. He struggles to write the lyrics of their final song.

Witchfairy / Witchfairy / Boszorkánytündér
Cedric IGODT, David VAN DE WEYER / 0:15:00 / 2022 / BE
Rosemary, a young fairy, leads a boring life at the fairytale castle. She’d rather be a witch so she can scream, fly on brooms and get really messy. Unfortunately her mother strongly disagrees, so Rosemary decides to run off to the mysterious witch forest.

Lights Světla / Fények
Jitka NEMIKINSOVÁ / 0:08:26 / 2023 / CZ
Lightbulbs are throwing a party for growing up flames to welcome them in the system that will let them shine and protect them. But one flames likes to play with fire and rebels against the system.

The Foreign Brother / Az idegen fivér
Szonja ECKERT / 0:06:30 / 2022 / HU
An alien family adopts an orphan child arriving from the decaying Earth, who doesn’t want to get rid of his spacesuit helmet.

My Name is Edgar and I Have a Cow / Jmenuju se Edgar a mam kravu / Edgarnak hívnak, és van egy tehenem
Filip DIVIAK / 0:07:47 / 2023 / CZ
Edgar’s ordinary life is disrupted by a newborn calf he sees on a tourist trip to a slaughterhouse.

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