Spanish Film Week 2020

27 october 2020 - 1 november 2020

Location: Díszterem

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Tuesday, 27 Oktober

19:30 While at War / Mientras dure la guerra - OPENING CEREMONY
Spanish historical drama, 103 min, 2019
in Spanish language with Hungarian subtitles
Director: Alejandro Amenábar

Wensday, 28 Oktober

20:00 Advantages of Travelling by Train / Ventajas de viajar en tren
Spanish thriller copmedy, 102 min, 2019
in Spanish language with Hungarian subtitles
Rendező: Aritz Moreno

Thursday, 29 Oktober

19:30 Between Two Waters / Entre dos aguas
Spanish drama, 136 min, 2018
in Spanish language with Hungarian subtitles
Rendező: Isaki Lacuesta

Friday,  30 Oktober

18:00 Fire Will Come / Lo que arde
Spanish drama, 89 min, 2019
in Spanish and Gallegoand language with Hungarian subtitles
Director: Oliver Laxe

20:00 I Can Quit Whenever I Want / Lo dejo cuando quiera
Spanish comedy, 98 min, 2019
in Spanish language with Hungarian subtitles
Director: Carlos Therón

Saturday 31., Oktober

16:00 Petra
Spanish drama, 107 min, 2018

Director: Jaime Rosales

18:30 The Invisible / Invisibles 
Spanish comedy, 84 min, 2020
in Spanish language with Hungarian subtitles
Director: Gracia Qurejeta

20:30 Mother / Madre
in Spanish language with Hungarian and English subtitles
Derector: rogoyen

Sunday 1., November

16:00 The Days to Come / Los días que vendrán
Spanish romantic drama, 94 min, 2019
in Catalan with Spanish and Hungarian subtitles
Director: Carlos Marques-Marcet

18:00 Advantages of Travelling by Train / Ventajas de viajar en tren
Spanish thriller copmedy, 102 min, 2019
in Spanish language with Hungarian subtitles
Rendező: Aritz Moreno

20:15 A Thief's Daughter / La hija de un ladrón
Spanish drama, 102 min, 2019
in Spanish language with Hungarian subtitles
Director: Belén Funes

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Regular ticket price: 1700 HUF
Student discount price: 1300 HUF
Please note that you can only get a discount when buying the ticket at the cash desk. Thank you for your understanding.

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Spanish Filmweek 2020: While at War

A world famous writer and philosopher who comes into conflict with the power in which he believed

Spanish Filmweek 2020: Advantages of Travelling by Train

An extraordinary story about experiences of a psychiatric doctor

Spanish Filmweek 2020: Between Two Waters

Two Brothers who return from the Jail and Army and enjoy the freedom and the sea

Spanish Filmweek 2020: Fire Will Come

The film got the jury award of the Un Certain Regard section in Cannes Film Festival

Spanish Film Week 2020: I Can Quit Whenewer I Want

A few professors by chance invent a new narcotic drug and appear as dealers

Spanish Film Week 2020: Petra

In adulthood Petra finds her real father who is a very prestigious and violent artist

Spanish Film Week 2020: Invisibles

All thursday morning in Madrid three middle aged woman meet in a park and chat about the Life

Spanish Film Week 2020: Mother

Elena's son is lost ten years before. In our days She meets a teenager who would be her son.

Spanish Film Week 2020: The Days to Come

Fears, joys, desires of a couple in Barcelona expecting birth of their child

Spanish Film Week 2020: A Thief's Daughter

Sara wants a family, but it seems she has a big problem: her father who gets-out from the Jail
»Feb. 5. – Sunday«
TicketsCall Us11:00     Csortos terem

Toldi (12)

TicketsCall Us11:15     Fábri terem

Little Nicholas – Happy as Can Be (6)

TicketsCall Us11:30     Díszterem

Heart of Oak (6)

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Peace - Over The People (12)

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Rise (16)

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The Eight Mountains (16)

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Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris  (12)

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Hear Me Out (12)

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The Fabelmans (12)

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Triangle of Sadness (16)

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Heights and Depths (16)

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Babylon (18)

TicketsCall Us20:00     Díszterem

Niche 7: War Pony

TicketsCall Us20:30     Fábri terem

Larry (16)

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