Budapest Classic Film Marathon: Song of the Miraculous Hind

Ének a csodaszarvasról
Hungarian animation, 89 min, 2002
In Hungarian with English subtitles

Show times:

Director: Marcell Jankovics

Screenplay by Marcell Jankovics
Director of photography: Zoltán Bacsó, András Klausz, Gábor Széll, György Varga
Music by Levente Szörényi
Cast (voices): Árpád Besenczi, Ildikó Bokor, Róbert Bolla

Supporting film: Prometheus (Directed by Marcell Jankovics, 1992, black and white, 2 min)

Premier of 4K restored version.
Special guests: Zoltán Bacsó cameraman, Péter Rozgonyi sound specialist

The film covers the ancient history of the Magyars in four successive chapters built on cycles. According to original versions of the miraculous deer legends recorded among the Obi-Ugric kin peoples, we derive from a bird, a four-legged predator, and a deer. This is followed by the Hunor-Magor myth in the style of rock paintings; the legend of Álmos that can be linked with the myth of the white horse seen as the descendant of the deer, and the story of Géza, the victorious prince concluding the great undertaking of the Conquest with Christianity, evoking Chronicon Pictum. – The restored version of the film was completed in the in-house restoration workshop of NFI Film Archive. It debuts at the 4th BKFM film marathon.

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Pénztárnyitás: az első előadás előtt 30 perccel.
Pénztárzárás: az utolsó előadás kezdetét követően 15 perccel.
A kávézó átmenetileg zárva.

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