A melancholic journey through a young woman's childhood memories of her father

Asteroid City

Wes Anderson's latest film from 6th of June

Beau Is Afraid

After his Oscar-winning role as the Joker, Joaquin Phoenix once again brilliantly plays the little man who responds to the madness of the outside world with his own madness.


In 1990, the Prime Minister, József Antall faces the most difficult test of his life: the taxi blockade

Book Club 2: The Next Chapter

Follows the new journey of four best friends as they take their book club to Italy

Both Sides of the Blade

The Silver Bear award-winning work of Claire Denis, starring Juliette Binoche and Vincent Lindon

Brazil Five Times: Vermelho Monet

Johannes Van Almeida, a painter who was just released from prison and wants to start his new life

Caravaggio's Shadow - Pre-premier

A film about the last creative year of the sinful genius, hoping for a papal forgive

Cinema Niche EXTRA: The Day He Arrives

Film director Yoo Seong-jun, who stopped filming and lives in self-imposed exile in a small town, returns to Seoul for a short time.

Cinema Niche EXTRA: The Woman Who Ran

How long can Gam-hee keep her secret?

Father Stu

Follows the life of Father Stuart Long, a boxer-turned-priest

Feldmár Filmklub: A Succesful Man

What would you do if you found out: you suffer from a disease that only 2% of people survive?

Filmhu Film Klub: Wandering Leaves

The story of two young people finding each other in an unusual way / Pre-premiere

Four Souls of Coyote

The new animated feature by Áron Gauder

Golden Legends

Egészestés mozifilm a világverő magyar vízilabdaválotattról

Goya, Carrière & the Ghost of Buñuel

In Budapest, exclusively at Urania


A film about András Hadik hungarian hussar general who occupied Berlin in 1757

Heart of Oak

We get an insight into the everyday life of an oak tree

Hug Me - The Movie

Follows a bear cub and his papa bear as they embark on an adventure to find the Golden Land

Italian Journey: Good Gals

Four ordinary girls choose a special path of emancipation and decide to rob a bank


A middle-aged woman and a teenage boy cross paths.


What would have happened if we had made a different decision on the important issues of our lives?

Kitchen Brigade

A dedicated chef makes a team from the employees of a social kitchen

Little Nicholas – Happy as Can Be

The story of little Nicolas comes to life this time in a fascinating animated film.

Lost Illusions

The cynicism of the Restoration era with a parade cast in a masterful arrangement

Love on the Spikes

Romantic comedy with Kerekes Vica in the main role.


Despite the glittering parties and tons of money, someone always wants more.

On the Wandering Paths

A story based on real events about connecting with nature, healing and starting over.

ÖN-TÉR-KÉP - a magyar nemzet lelkiállapota I.-II.

Jelenczki István dokumentumfilmje június 17. 11:00

Other People's Children

A deeply thought-provoking story about the "real" family


Psychological horror about an overweight teenage girl - is recommended for adults

Radics Béla, a megátkozott gitáros

A dokumentum elemekkel átszőtt, zenés, életrajzi film a Gitárkirályról.


Lois Patiño's soul-wandering road movie on 1st of July at 8:00 p.m.

Six Weeks

The best hungarian film and film actress performance in 2022


During their last days of summer and childhoodfour girls struggle with the harsh truths of growing


A fabulously exciting and mystical road movie from the competition program of the Berlin International Film Festival


A film about the harshness of the art world, starring Cate Blanchett

The Crime Is Mine

In François Ozon's latest film, a young actress is suspected of murdering a famous film producer

The Duke

True story about an old man who demanded free TV usage for pensioners

The Eight Mountains

Story of two friends, torn apart by family and life’s journeys but bound by something deeper

The First Two

After an unsuccessful marriage attempt Sasha needs to leave Budapest

The Little Gang

The adventures of a group of passionate and fearless young children

The Lost Leonardo - Pre-premier

The mystery surrounding the Salvator Mundi, the first painting by Leonardo da Vinci

The Night of the 12th

There are sins that haunt you forever

The Quiet Girl

A sensitive film about the lack of love and the healing power of care

The Whale

A reclusive English teacher attempts to reconnect with his estranged teenage daughter


Spectacular animation adaptation of János Arany's narrative poem directed by Marcell Jankovics

Triangle of Sadness

Ruben Östlund's latest film, which won the Palme d'Or for best film at the Cannes Film Festival

Vinski and the Invisibility Powder

A young boy becomes a crime-fighting superhero with the help of a mysterious pharmacist's invisibility powder.

Wild at Heart

David Lynch's Palme d'Or classic is back on the big screen.

You Will Not Have My Hate

Antoine lost his wife in the Bataclan bombing in Paris

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